25 Facts about me

1. I was born in Dereham, Norfolk 2. I have a sister who is 3 years younger than me
3. I have a brother who is is 15 years younger than me
4. I live in a four bedroom house and have the biggest bedroom in the house with an ensuite
5. I started crafting about 8 years ago
6. I started off cardmaking
7. I have over 1500 ATC's and would always love more
8. I would like to be an events organiser hopefully organising weddings in the furture
9. My favourite film is Stormbreaker
10. My favourite band is Westlife
11. My favourtie song is Jessica Andrews - Who I Am
12. I go to church every sunday and believe that Jesus is my best friend
13. My favourite holiday destination is Vauxhall Holiday Park in Great Yarmouth
14. My best friend is called Robyn and we have been friends since we were 6
15. I have been attending craft fairs for around 3 years now

16. I collect me to you (tatty teddy)
17. My favourite disney character is the Heffalump called Lumpy from Winnie the pooh
18. My favourtie colour is brown
19. My childhood nickname was toots
19. My favourite craft at the minute is Scrapbooking
20. My favourite scraapbooking theme is my family
21. I really want to go sphereing
22. My favourite TV Programme is Sea Patrol based on a australian navy ship
23. I really enjoy having a day out with my friends and family
24. I am in Love with John Barrowman
25. Johnny is the light of my life

I hope this has given you a bit of an insite into who i am