Saturday, 7 August 2010

I've just come back from a week away in stafford camping(not so good), and really need to start showing off some of the talent from you wonderful crafters. If you would like to be featured on here or now someone that should be then leave me a comment and i will do a bit of writing

Hope that you are all okay


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Lady Luck Jewellery

Good evening sorry i haven't posted for a while been organising a kids holiday club. I have been talking to another crafter recently and i asked her some questions about her trade:

When did you start crafting?

I've always 'tinkered about' making things, even as a child I was always making clothes for my dolls, making little models out of plasticine & Fimo and drawing, painting and generally being messy! I started to make jewellery as a teenager, then carried on making a few pieces on & off for a few years through college, where I studied Art & Design but I started to really 'get going' with jewellery making in early 2007, and then set up Lady Luck Jewellery to sell my designs in the September of the same year.

Do you have a favourite item?

My favourites change from time to time, but I'm very fond of some of the more abstract polymer clay pieces I've made, although my real favourite will always be a bracelet that I kept for myself, as I couldn't bear to part with it!! I have made several other pieces to a very similar design since, as people do seem to love it!

What inspires you?

I'm inspired a lot by Hot Rod car culture, as my hobby is drag racing, so I love 1950's styles, rockabilly, pin up girls, teddy boys, big turn up on jeans etc. This in't reflected in all of my work as it's a very niche market, but for my more contemporary pieces I love bright colours and bold shapes, which is why I think I get on well with polymer clay as it's a very good medium for making statement jewellery!

Looking at her website i am impressed at her work and you can really see the attention to detail in every piece. Take a look and see what i'm talking about.

Saturday, 10 July 2010


Good morning its an early post from me today which probaly won't be happening ever again. Today i'm going to show you some items from another fab crafter. We had a chat to see where the greatness comes from

When did you start crafting?

I come from a family of creative people and I started crafting at the age of 4 when my Grandma taught me to knit and sew. For my Grandma it was always a necessity but for me it was a mixture of necessity and a desire to be different. My early memories are also of sitting watching Granddad in his shed, where he would make all manner of things from wood but he was not as forthcoming in showing me how to use his tools as this was the late 50's, early 60s and a girl ought to have known her place.

Throughout my life I have used my creative edge purely for myself, my home and and my family, focussing mainly on sewing, knitting and crocheting. From getting my first home in the 1970s I was into re-modelling and making the old look different which meant getting to grips with power tools. When programmes like Changing Rooms hit the TV Channels it was already old hat for me.

My children always wore clothes which were different to the other kids because I made them all- it's a family joke that all the boys in the family had the same shirt as my son's shirts were handed down to 3 of his cousins and so 4 of them have school photos wearing the same shirt.As my career in Adult education progressed and I climbed the ladder from teacher to Head of a Community Adult Education Centre my creative streak was subdued due to the pressures of work and it was only when my health led me to quit working that I was able to focus once again on creating and ultimatley my Jewellry business was born.

What inspires you?

Whilst shape and form are obvioulsy important in my designs, I am inspired by the colours I see all around me every day. I especially like to use starkly contrasting colours together, but these choices are always inspired by what the natural world puts together eg Blue and orange combinations inspired by kingfishers. Close ispection of flowers also give some wonderful clues of which colours will work well together. Often I decide i want to make something with a particular stone and I just sit contemplating it , wondering how best to team it up and I have Eureka moments and just seem to "know" the perfect compliment for it

Do you have a favourite item out of your range?

I don't mean this to sound arrogant, but I love all the pieces I make as I know one day it will be just perfect for one particular person. I am currently working on a totally new range, some of the initial ideas have been previewed on my blog ( These are such a change from anything I have created before but i am just loving working with the palettes of colours available in Czech Seed beads. The new designs are so tactile too and i love the fact people just want to hold onto them when they pick them up to view them.

What is your favourite tip for other crafters?

I think the best advice I can offer is to enjoy what you do, regardless of the actual craft- strive to be different and tap into your own unique creativity. Mix with other like minded people as the interaction fires and inspires you further. See other crafters as friends rather than competitors and share ideas and information - it's a win win situation. Never undersell yourself, and set realistic prices to cover the time aspect of your work too. Love life!

Plans for the future

I want to continue to develop my designs and grow the business but to retain it at a level where I am not pressured

If you want to see more check out

Have a good day Tanya xxxx

Friday, 9 July 2010


Hi everyone hope all are okay. I've got another feature today, the subject is Helen (Enfys). Her items range so much that every blog post she does amazes me with the items. We had a chat to see where her inspiration comes from

When did you start crafting?

I don't remember! I have just always done it in one form or another. It started as a child as a cheap form of entertainment. Both of my parents are creative in their own ways so it just seemed natural to join in.

My main craft is crochet. I was taught at about 7, my Dad taught me. I was never very serious about it. I got back into it in my early 20's. I had just bought a house, couldn’t afford to go out and needed something to occupy my evenings.

I started getting requests for items I had made and, in an effort to make ends meet when the interest rates went sky high, decided to make items to sell.I hadn’t even considered there would be a market for the patterns until I started getting requests for them. I was always good at just "making things up as I went along" and never thought of it as designing until I discovered the wonderful world of crochet online. I met a group of lovely ladies who encouraged me to write down my designs and sell them.
My first pattern, the Rainbow Afghan, was a success and still remains my best seller.I mostly design items for children but then discovered the wonderful world of thread and tried my hand at designing jewellery. Ihave experimented with working directly into fabric to produce clothing and, more recently, I have designed Lacy Lingerie in sizes up to a UK 22.I used to say that yarn was my favourite. I have a whole load of bright and cheerful puppet patterns to choose from as well as some garden sized games. However, since getting more adventurous with thread, I find myself more inclined to create things with it.

What inspires you?

Everything. I see something that catches my eye and think "I wonder if I could crochet that?"I love colour which is why I do a lot of rainbow themed items.

Do you have a favourite item out of your range?

I am a bit like Picasso, it is always the next one.

What are your plans for the future?

I always have dozens of ideas running about in my head. I plan to make each and every one of them. Just don't hold your breath!

If you would like to see more then visit

Her website is -

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


There are so many talented crafters on this planet and today i'm going to tell you abit more about another one. Amanda from colourart is a creative person who does some fabulous painting, i spoke to her to find out more.

What Inpires you?

Lots. Nature is one of the biggest inspirations. Such a wealth of material, from flowers to the sea to animals to colour and texture. I have a fair few design books many of them focusing on colour, colour is so important when designing and colour inspiration can come from anywhere, fashion, interiors, art, outdoors, the list goes on.

When did you start crafting?

As far back as I can remember I have loved to draw, paint and make things. I studied textile design and was lucky enough to have a creative job. Along the way I have tried lots of crafts, pottery, jewellery making, to name a few. I have been painting seriously since 2007 and am now working on a new project.

Do you have a favourite item out of your range?

Yes. 'Down on the Farm' because its one of the first nursery canvasses I painted and all the animals look like they are having such fun. I have painted it several times since I first sold it and its always a pleasure.

What is your best tip for other crafters?

Enjoy it! Most important. If you are selling your craft make sure you achieve a fair price for your craft. Be prepared to evolve, you may find learning one craft could lead to a another craft which you enjoy.

What are your plans for the future?

Wedding stationery. I am currently putting together a range of bespoke wedding stationery. I have a studio full of paper, ribbon and beads; and of course painting many more canvasses

You can view Amandas work at

Monday, 5 July 2010

Wedding Treasures

Today I am featuring yet another wonderful crafter who makes fantastic fimo clay cake toppers. There all made personalised and are sent all across the world. Pauline who is based in Birmingham set up Wedding Treasures around 3 years ago and It has grown so much since. I spoke to Pauline to find out just what she is doing to have such a successful company.

When did you start crafting?

About 5 years ago I picked up some fimo clay that was just lying around and made a teddy bear my husband then persuaded me to carry on so I began making Dogs, Cats and Rabbits. Then about 3 years ago I began making bride and Grooms and left my full time job to make my cake toppers.

You must be so busy making these, how many do you do make every month?

I usually only do one a week because they are very time consuming but during the wedding season it usually turns out that I do two a week and work longer hours.

Do you have a favourite item?

Well I always say that I really love a certain piece but then I make a new piece and then like that one a bit more, so I suppose I don’t really have a specific favourite.

If you’re a bride – to – be or you would just love to check more of Pauline’s work then check out her blog
or visit her website at

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Ali's Craft Studio

Talented Crafter Alison Lloyd is the focus of today’s feature; she is the creator of some wonderful handmade items made by her own bare hands. She has two major categories of products including Handmade Peelable Decorations and Handpainted keyrings.

Her brightly coloured stained glass effect decorations cover all ages and occasions, from seasonal designs for Easter, Halloween and Christmas right through to everyday designs just perfect for a new baby’s nursery, for a growing child to add their own touch to their room or something which you would see in a family living room. I’m going to order some for my own home if I can only decide which ones I like the best. I have spoken to Alison to see why she has such a passion for these items.

When do you start Ali’s Craft Studio?

I started the company in 2008 and have been working full time on building the business since then. I have, however, been making peelable decorations on and off for around 15 years - there was a hiatus of a few years when my then full time job simply got too much to do both but I have always kept my hand in! My parent’s porch was one of the first things I decorated all that time ago to look like stained glass and it is still there in all its glory!

What made you start making such wonderful items?

I have always been creative and my Mum and late Dad had their own craft business and had stalls at craft fairs after they retired from teaching so I was lucky to be surrounded by crafty people! I discovered this particular craft in a craft store whilst on holiday and just absolutely loved the concept of being able to add a colourful decoration to any room but, with no glue involved, you can move it to somewhere else without leaving a sticky residue behind! I thought that was a great idea for all areas of the home, especially kids rooms – they can change their decorations as they grow up!! Also, Christmas decorations immediately came to mind – I found that if you store them carefully, they can be used year after year! I started by making some small designs for tealight holders but soon I was being asked to make larger designs on their own. I still love the idea that someone can give a whole new lease of life to their home for a small outlay as my decorations use static to attach to any shiny surface so are also great on mirrors and tiles. The keyrings are a more recent addition as I was looking for a simple way to brighten someone’s day – the glittered rainbow is particularly popular. I guess the colours make rainbows a good choice as they also appear in some of the most popular designs in my peelable decorations too!

You have so many different designs do you have a favourite or do you love them all?

It is difficult to have a favourite as I do love them all but the cute animals always tug on my heartstrings (I am a big kid at heart!) I do have a soft spot for my Peas in a Pod design which is part of a pocket-money priced collection which I have named my “Diddy Designs” but really I can’t choose - I guess the newest designs become my temporary favourites!

What inspires you?

Seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they are looking through my decorations trying to choose which one they would like to have is a major inspiration to me! Also, just being around creative people and seeing wonderful colours all around me – be it in books or real life. I am lucky enough to live and work in Kent – The Garden of England – and the trips to fairs around the south east take us through some absolutely stunning countryside. My husband is also a major inspiration as he helps me out every weekend at fairs and keeps me motivated on the early mornings heading out to a fair and if things are not going immediately to plan (I am so not a morning person!)

What are your plans for the future?

I would love to be able to expand my designs even further and continue to build my business. I love it when customers come back time and time again and also recommend me to their friends – there is no better feeling than knowing someone loves your work! I want to ensure I keep providing a good service and great products for all my customers and hopefully introduce more people to Ali’s Craft Studio!
If you would like to find out more or would like to buy some items yourself then check out the following

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