Saturday, 3 July 2010

Ali's Craft Studio

Talented Crafter Alison Lloyd is the focus of today’s feature; she is the creator of some wonderful handmade items made by her own bare hands. She has two major categories of products including Handmade Peelable Decorations and Handpainted keyrings.

Her brightly coloured stained glass effect decorations cover all ages and occasions, from seasonal designs for Easter, Halloween and Christmas right through to everyday designs just perfect for a new baby’s nursery, for a growing child to add their own touch to their room or something which you would see in a family living room. I’m going to order some for my own home if I can only decide which ones I like the best. I have spoken to Alison to see why she has such a passion for these items.

When do you start Ali’s Craft Studio?

I started the company in 2008 and have been working full time on building the business since then. I have, however, been making peelable decorations on and off for around 15 years - there was a hiatus of a few years when my then full time job simply got too much to do both but I have always kept my hand in! My parent’s porch was one of the first things I decorated all that time ago to look like stained glass and it is still there in all its glory!

What made you start making such wonderful items?

I have always been creative and my Mum and late Dad had their own craft business and had stalls at craft fairs after they retired from teaching so I was lucky to be surrounded by crafty people! I discovered this particular craft in a craft store whilst on holiday and just absolutely loved the concept of being able to add a colourful decoration to any room but, with no glue involved, you can move it to somewhere else without leaving a sticky residue behind! I thought that was a great idea for all areas of the home, especially kids rooms – they can change their decorations as they grow up!! Also, Christmas decorations immediately came to mind – I found that if you store them carefully, they can be used year after year! I started by making some small designs for tealight holders but soon I was being asked to make larger designs on their own. I still love the idea that someone can give a whole new lease of life to their home for a small outlay as my decorations use static to attach to any shiny surface so are also great on mirrors and tiles. The keyrings are a more recent addition as I was looking for a simple way to brighten someone’s day – the glittered rainbow is particularly popular. I guess the colours make rainbows a good choice as they also appear in some of the most popular designs in my peelable decorations too!

You have so many different designs do you have a favourite or do you love them all?

It is difficult to have a favourite as I do love them all but the cute animals always tug on my heartstrings (I am a big kid at heart!) I do have a soft spot for my Peas in a Pod design which is part of a pocket-money priced collection which I have named my “Diddy Designs” but really I can’t choose - I guess the newest designs become my temporary favourites!

What inspires you?

Seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they are looking through my decorations trying to choose which one they would like to have is a major inspiration to me! Also, just being around creative people and seeing wonderful colours all around me – be it in books or real life. I am lucky enough to live and work in Kent – The Garden of England – and the trips to fairs around the south east take us through some absolutely stunning countryside. My husband is also a major inspiration as he helps me out every weekend at fairs and keeps me motivated on the early mornings heading out to a fair and if things are not going immediately to plan (I am so not a morning person!)

What are your plans for the future?

I would love to be able to expand my designs even further and continue to build my business. I love it when customers come back time and time again and also recommend me to their friends – there is no better feeling than knowing someone loves your work! I want to ensure I keep providing a good service and great products for all my customers and hopefully introduce more people to Ali’s Craft Studio!
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  1. Lovely feature! It is nice to know that you don't wear gloves Ali (2nd line down ;-) x

  2. This is a great article and I love Ali's work. The colours are gorgeous.