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Hi everyone hope all are okay. I've got another feature today, the subject is Helen (Enfys). Her items range so much that every blog post she does amazes me with the items. We had a chat to see where her inspiration comes from

When did you start crafting?

I don't remember! I have just always done it in one form or another. It started as a child as a cheap form of entertainment. Both of my parents are creative in their own ways so it just seemed natural to join in.

My main craft is crochet. I was taught at about 7, my Dad taught me. I was never very serious about it. I got back into it in my early 20's. I had just bought a house, couldn’t afford to go out and needed something to occupy my evenings.

I started getting requests for items I had made and, in an effort to make ends meet when the interest rates went sky high, decided to make items to sell.I hadn’t even considered there would be a market for the patterns until I started getting requests for them. I was always good at just "making things up as I went along" and never thought of it as designing until I discovered the wonderful world of crochet online. I met a group of lovely ladies who encouraged me to write down my designs and sell them.
My first pattern, the Rainbow Afghan, was a success and still remains my best seller.I mostly design items for children but then discovered the wonderful world of thread and tried my hand at designing jewellery. Ihave experimented with working directly into fabric to produce clothing and, more recently, I have designed Lacy Lingerie in sizes up to a UK 22.I used to say that yarn was my favourite. I have a whole load of bright and cheerful puppet patterns to choose from as well as some garden sized games. However, since getting more adventurous with thread, I find myself more inclined to create things with it.

What inspires you?

Everything. I see something that catches my eye and think "I wonder if I could crochet that?"I love colour which is why I do a lot of rainbow themed items.

Do you have a favourite item out of your range?

I am a bit like Picasso, it is always the next one.

What are your plans for the future?

I always have dozens of ideas running about in my head. I plan to make each and every one of them. Just don't hold your breath!

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  1. A lovely blog about somebody I know little about and her products are my kind of thing (I am mad about rainbows!)

    Off now to look at the website :)