Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Lady Luck Jewellery

Good evening sorry i haven't posted for a while been organising a kids holiday club. I have been talking to another crafter recently and i asked her some questions about her trade:

When did you start crafting?

I've always 'tinkered about' making things, even as a child I was always making clothes for my dolls, making little models out of plasticine & Fimo and drawing, painting and generally being messy! I started to make jewellery as a teenager, then carried on making a few pieces on & off for a few years through college, where I studied Art & Design but I started to really 'get going' with jewellery making in early 2007, and then set up Lady Luck Jewellery to sell my designs in the September of the same year.

Do you have a favourite item?

My favourites change from time to time, but I'm very fond of some of the more abstract polymer clay pieces I've made, although my real favourite will always be a bracelet that I kept for myself, as I couldn't bear to part with it!! I have made several other pieces to a very similar design since, as people do seem to love it!

What inspires you?

I'm inspired a lot by Hot Rod car culture, as my hobby is drag racing, so I love 1950's styles, rockabilly, pin up girls, teddy boys, big turn up on jeans etc. This in't reflected in all of my work as it's a very niche market, but for my more contemporary pieces I love bright colours and bold shapes, which is why I think I get on well with polymer clay as it's a very good medium for making statement jewellery!

Looking at her website i am impressed at her work and you can really see the attention to detail in every piece. Take a look and see what i'm talking about.

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